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One person can make a difference to a rescue animal

ArkanPaws Animal Rescue is a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about helping homeless animals through rescuing, fostering, vetting and rehabilitating until they are placed into their FUR-EVER homes. We’re located in central Arkansas; however, we transport majority of our dogs into New England where they are placed into foster care and permanent homes. Although most of our animals reside in Arkansas, they can be transported weekly.

 With the mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home in-need pets, the group was established in 2012 by a small group of concerned women and received its non-profit status in 2013. Since in operation, over 3,000 dogs and cats have benefited from services ranging from: spays/neuters, vet services, reunification, food donations, and re-homing. We work directly with lawmakers to create and improve laws, improve the conditions of existing animal shelters, and have developed a sophisticated foster program ran by volunteers in the community.
We are committed to building a community of devoted pet families and educating people on why it is so important to spay and neuter their animals. Arkansas is one of the many southern states with a serious pet overpopulation problem which leads to many beautiful, healthy, adoptable pets dying needlessly every day. By transporting north, we are saving thousands of lives each year and getting these amazing animals into deserving homes and ending the breeding cycle.  We are continuously developing and expanding our network of volunteers and always looking for help. Apply today to join our team in Arkansas or Rhode Island!

  Mission Statement

Fostering and finding good permanent homes for wonderful animals is fantastic, but what we hope to achieve is much more multi-faceted. We aim to be a source of education, a source of compassion and encouragement, a source for networking, and a source of inspiration for animal lovers everywhere. We strive to be an agent of change: (1) change in the way animals are viewed as disposable (2) change in the way rescue often seems to reflect a competitive spirit rather than a collaborative one (3) and, change in the way the issue of pet overpopulation is addressed. We will also continue to assist in finding low cost or FREE spay/neuter programs in the state and other areas, as well as lists of rescues to reach out to for help. Knowledge is power, and the power to evoke a positive change in the community is a beautiful thing indeed!